Day 3 Olympic Update: Epic Whites

Day 3 Olympic update from the Epic Whites Generals Hayley Miller and Alex Bright…

Girls Epic Whites

White team’s mash-up morning was filled with TONS of excitement as we showed off our skills at all of our favorite Options! The highlights of the morning were the great accomplishments in Gymnastics, the creativity in Arts & Crafts, and our incredible record breaking Fishing derby. The Upper Seniors Girls highly anticipated the moment they’d been waiting for all summer: Rope Burn. They made short work of building a blazing fire that easily burned through all three ropes in near record time to end day 3 with a an white Rope Burn victory that was EPIC! Go White!

Boys Epic Whites

Day 3 was another full day of exciting competition. Our Senior boys did all they could to bring down the famous ropes at Rope Burn, and they succeeded in just over two hours. It was an emotional events, but they fought and brought them down. The Upper Plebe soccer game had a full crowd in attendance, and after a header by Ryan Kessler straight into the net, the white team saw a victorious finish. The Junior Newcombe generated much intensity, and our boys brought home the sweep.