Creating Week in Review

Ben works on Week in Review

One of the Camp Starlight Friday evening traditions to which staff and campers alike most look forward every week is Week in Review.  For those who aren’t in the know already, Week in Review is a weekly review of the activities of the past week presented in a humorous light.  It never fails to provide some of the most talked about and comedic moments of the week.  Today, we checked in with Ben A., who has been working very diligently on this week’s Week in Review for the past couple of days now, to get an inside look into just want goes into the creation of Week in Review.  Here is a bit of what we learned in fast fact form:

*Creation of the Camp Starlight Week in Review begins at least a couple of days beforehand and often begins immediately following the presentation of the current Week in Review.

*The Week in Review creation team, of which Ben A. is a member, meets with Allison to brainstorm ideas.  Bringing the winning ideas to life then becomes a collaborative effort of several people and goes through many stages of development before the final product that we all see on Friday evenings.

*The Week in Review team goes through all of the photos for the week to select the best ones.  For any of you guessing how many that might be, let’s just say thousands!

*Of course, the Camp Starlight Week in Review wouldn’t be Week in the Review without a few secrets that we can’t disclose here in this blog.  We don’t want to give away all of the good stuff…and it’s fun to keep people guessing!

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