Cooking with the Upper Inter Boys

We joined Upper Inter Boys bunk 16 in cooking today.  All of the boys were very excited for their first visit of the year to one of everyone’s favorite activities: Cooking.  We asked the boys what their favorite thing about Cooking is.  Their unanimous reply was, “Eating!”  However, Jesse S. and Ben S. added that they also really like watching the food cook and seeing the ingredients turn into really delicious food.  Drew B. added that he also really enjoys mixing all of the different ingredients together, and Michael S. said that he likes smelling how good the food is.  We also asked the boys if they enjoy cooking at home.  Luke B. said that he loves to cook cake and zucchini pizza at home.  Brett S. really enjoys making quesadilla pizza at home.  (He explained that a pizza quesadilla pizza is a quesadilla made with pizza toppings.)  Andrew H. loves to make “these cakey fudge-like brownie things” at home.

When the food was finished and it was time to eat, we asked the boys what they thought of their culinary creations.  “Yummy!” was the unanimous reply through full mouths and thumbs up signals.  The empty plate speaks for itself.

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