Camper for Life

We’ve decided to kick off our brand new Camp Starlight blog with a few laughs. This first one is for all of you who think about camp 24/7, 365 days a year. Are you a camper for life? Not sure. Read on.

You might be camper for life if…

  • You have the dining room songs on your iPod and listen to them throughout the winter.
  • The day after camp ends, you begin marking off the days until it begins again on your calendar.
  • You sometimes spontaneously announce to dinner guests that it’s time to shake their napkins and then begin dancing around with yours.
  • You know what the phrase “living 10 for 2” means.
  • You had or have been to a camp themed bar/bat mitvah.
  • The first thing you do every morning is check the Starlight home page, the Starlight fan page, and Twitter.
  • You practice your audition for the Starlight Playhouse in front of a mirror throughout the winter.
  • You have a pool going for what and when the Olympic break will be.
  • You have strategized about rope burn all year and have produced pages of carefully detailed drawings and instructions for the perfect fire.
  • You packed your camp bag in January.
  • Your ringtone is Reveille.
  • You own more clothing with the Starlight logo on it than clothing without it.
  • You plan to or did get married at camp.
  • You’re laughing really hard right now because you’re qualified as a camper for life by more than one of the above.
  • You’re excited and proud to be a camper for life…and can’t wait to be back in the 18461.

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