Camp Starlight Bucket List

Camp is a place filled with so many amazing and fun things to do. While most of the things you do at camp are structured, you still have so much you can do on your own to create memories that will last a lifetime. This Starlight Bucket List has been created so you get the most out of your experience at camp.

1.      Pass your Swim Test

2.      Dive to the bottom of the lake and touch the sand

3.      Go on the water trampoline

4.      Learn how to water ski

5.      Paddle Board

6.      Go down the Zip line

7.      Learn a new sport

8.      Get a bull’s-eye in archery

9.      Join a Wayne County Team

10.  Score in a Wayne County Game

11.  Sit in the toilet seat at Oz

12.  Ride all the roller coasters at Dorney

13.  Get up and shake your napkin

14.  Skip around the pole

15.  Raise the flag

16.  Make an announcement on the PA

17.  Lose your voice

18.  Wear a crazy outfit for no apparent reason

19.  Appear in the Week in Review

20.  Participate in a Conga line through the Dining Hall during a meal

21.  Wear a Fedora on Friday

22.  Participate in services

23.  Win Spirit of Starlight

24.  Land a spot in the finals of MTV Night

25.  Earn a Square Dancing Bracelet

26.  Run the Slope for Lope

27.  Wake up at reveille for Polar Bear Club

28.  Win Honor Bunk

29.  Become an Eagle/Mench

30.  Rush the Lake

31.  Find your favorite spot on camp

32.  Have a Slush Puppy with every flavor mixed in

33.  Eat a burger at cookout with everything on it (including watermelon)

34.  Start a new tradition

35.  Create a song or cheer about everyone in your bunk, and then sing it every year during Challenge Week

36.  Start a cheer

37. Win a Wayne County Championship

38.  Make friends with people outside of your bunk

39.  Make friends with people outside of your division

40.  Be an Olympic Captain

41.  Participate in Rope Burn

42.  Write an Alma Mater

43.  Find the hatchet

44.  Win Olympics

45.  Win Sing

46.  Be accused of something in Heavenly Court

47.  Make your camp siblings a gift in arts and crafts

48.  Watch the sunset over the lake

49.  See a shooting star

50.  Make friendships that will last a lifetime

What’s on your bucket list? Send us an email at and let us know.  We may publish it in a future blog…Hey, you can even add that to the list… write a blog for Camp Starlight….


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