Camp Brothers & Camp Sisters

There is no doubt about it; we all have someone we look up to in life. And as we grow older, whether we know it or not, someone looks up to us.  In the Camp Starlight world, this idea goes hand in hand with Camp Brothers/Sisters.

During the first few days of camp, everyone gets a Camp sibling, in regard to their respective campuses. Camp sibling activities are popular throughout the summer, and range from Brother/sister lunches, campfires, afternoons at the waterfront, and even a few evening activities.

Younger, first time campers are given a “Big Brother/Sister”, some are even lucky enough to have two! The excitement amongst the youngest campers is buzzing from the moment they find out they are about to receive their Camp Brothers or Sisters.

They know they will have an older, experienced camper to look up to and go to for advice. They feel comfort in having someone from upper camp that has been in their shoes, cheering them on and supporting them during their “Camp Firsts.”

Once children get a little older, some will be middle brother/sisters, meaning they have a younger and an older sibling. This is a time when they get the joy of having an older sibling to look up to, but also get to be a role model for their younger sibling. They get the best of both worlds, supporting younger campers, and getting support from their older sibling.

Finally, the oldest campers at Starlight are given younger siblings. After years of looking up to their “Big brother/sister” they are finally the ones who everyone else looks up to. It’s time for these campers to mature, and become role models for the younger campers. They also feel a bit of responsibility and knowledge on how to comfort their younger brother/sister when they are trying something new at camp, because they have been there themselves.

Camp Brothers and Sisters relationships last much longer than just one summer. Every summer you’ll hear campers talking about their previous camp siblings, still exchanging hugs and smiles as they pass one another.  The relationships these children make with one another is unlike any other role model, and have the ability to last a lifetime.

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