C.O.D….It’s a Good Thing!

Quick.  Name an occasion, besides a fishing contest, when you would be excited to be singled out and handed a fish.  Okay, we’ll help.  Being handed a fish is a good thing at Camp Starlight when you are a C.O.D.  That stands for Counselor of the Day, for those who aren’t quite current with their Camp Starlight lingo.  Every morning at lineup, one counselor from boys camp and one counselor from girls camp are singled out for exemplary performance and attitude and presented with a cod…literally.  Then they each get to do a lap around the lineup circle.  If you think being rewarded with a fish sounds odd, then perhaps one should consider the alternatives:

Here is your Counselor of the Day plaque. (Yawn.  It’s just like the one I got for perfect attendance…in the 4th grade.)

Here is your Counselor of the Day ribbon.  (Three years later:  What was that for again?)

Here is your Counselor of the Day trophy.  (Great.  Just what I needed…another dust collector)

Here is your Counselor of the Day cod.  (Oh…I get it.  Counselor of the Day…C.O.D….Cool!  I’ve never been given a fish before, except that one time at a carnival when I threw a ping pong ball into a fish bowl.  But this one is way better because I don’t have to worry about finding it belly up one morning.)

So there you have it.  When being a C.O.D. and being given a cod are very, very good things!

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