Big Easy Blues

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 4.52.05 PMThe day began well for the Blue team, starting 115 points up and with an uplifting Billy Madison reference by General Ben Kadel. As the day progressed Big Easy Blues fought as White Madness attempted to ease the lead.

In the Upper Plebe Gamma game, Cooper G. and Kyle F. both caught several touchdown passes. Even with their impact, Blue was overpowered by Abe W. and lost 70-54. This afternoon the Junior Gamma hockey game was decided by just one goal and it was the Blue team that had it. With time running out, Owen G. scored our team’s sixth goal and then ended the chance of a comeback by White. Tonight is rope burn, one of the most exciting nights of camp, our Seniors look to continue our impressive run and improve our lead.

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