A Starlight Halloween!

Can you believe it is already October!? We bet, just like us at the winter office, you are still thinking about camp! Well, we have been stirring up some tricky ideas on how to make this Halloween a Starlight Spooktacular Event!

How about draping your camp sheets over your homemade haunted house to give it a Starlight style? Or hanging them up with a soccer ball head to be funky ghosts? Bring the carriage house to your Halloween party by having friends and family tie dye t-shirts in orange and black! Have your snack be a fruit call of….caramel apples! Are you missing S-day cookouts? Well, how about carving a watermelon instead of a pumpkin? When someone asks you, “Trick or Treat?” wow them with a trick you learned this summer at Super Sixth Magic! You could even bring the spirit of Camp Starlight into your costume!

Deck out in your Starlight best, topping it with a Starlight visor, and clapping your hands together with a tambourine as Jason Glick! Or even better go as one of the Three Short Neck Buzzards! Take your trick or treating on the road by turning a box into a moon buggy and go as Alyson Lee giving a tour. Stand tall and carry a flag and tell everyone to “Have a great day!” Be victorious this Halloween by suiting up as the next SWF champion! Or even dress as your favorite counselor, maybe they were on the waterfront, ropes, or cooking?

No matter what, we know if you do this, you are sure to have a very Spooktacular Starlight Halloween!

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