A Camper Reflects on the Day before Camp Begins

With just about 24 hours and counting before the first buses full of campers drive up the camp road, we thought it the perfect time to share this blog that one of our campers submitted about how excited he is for camp to begin:

I am nearing the first day of camp. Every thought in my head reflects towards the memories and friendships I have made at camp; the buses pulling in, the opening night show. The countdown is almost over. Soon, I will be meeting my new counselors and reuniting with my friends that have proven to last a lifetime. Camp is almost here.

As a returning camper the spirit and cheering of the first minute you set foot onto the clinic field makes you feel that you are home. The thought in your head of, “Wow! I’m going to be at Camp Starlight tomorrow!” really just puts an emphasis on the popular saying, “ I live 10 for 2.” Being part of the Starlight family for my 5th year as a camper, I have grown to love every activity and cherish every single moment I am at camp. From feeling free zipping down the top of the ropes course, to catching my first fish of the summer, and making it all the way around the second lake on a wakeboard, these are just a few of my goals to accomplish at camp this summer.

I came to Starlight the first year of camp, and I hated tennis. I didn’t know how to play, didn’t enjoy any of it, it was not something I wanted to do. Finishing camp last year, tennis is now one of my favorite sports, and I look forward to playing with some of my best friends. With new facilities and additions added to the campus, I am excited to try new things I would not be able to do at home.

Who else is as excited as I am for tomorrow?

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