A Bit of Nostalgia Makes Its Way to the CS Waterfront

Do you know how in movies—or maybe you’ve actually done this yourself—you see those nostalgic scenes of kids swinging from a rope into their local swimming hole?  Well, it may be 2012, but rope swings are not a thing of the past.  In fact, Camp Starlight introduced its own version to the Boys and Girls Waterfronts this year.  Although ours is just a little more technically complex than the old fashioned kind that were just ropes tied around the nearest tree branch, the concept is the same: grab on and swing as high and as far out over the water as you can before letting go and dropping into the water.  The campers are loving it and think it’s great to have yet another fun activity at the extremely popular Waterfront.  Already, they’re challenging themselves to swing higher and farther!

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