A Behind the Scenes Look at Camp Starlight

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 1.58.08 PMFuture Campers: What if we told you we could get you some behind the scenes information about coming to camp, BEFORE you even came to camp? What if we could relieve some of the nervousness and questions you have about heading to your camp right now?

Lucky for you, we’ve tracked down one of Camp Starlight’s favorite camp counselors, who has agreed to give us the inside scoop to prepare you for your first trip to camp! Meet James, a counselor who has been a camp counselor for two years, but has been enjoying summer camp every summer since he was eight years old. As a counselor, he is very used to seeing new campers come in with a worry that they won’t have fun, that they won’t make friends, or that they will be stuck with a counselor who is boring. It’s scientifically proven that is impossible not to have fun at camp. Everyone creates lasting friendships while they are here. And Camp Starlight doesn’t hire boring counselors, so there goes those three worries right out the window. James says that he and his fellow counselors focus on keeping the campers busy, so they don’t have time to worry! Many campers miss home, but counselors like James try to shift their attention to something more fun and exciting. “Each child is different, and that means how I address each camper’s issue is usually different.” It’s comforting to know that counselors will focus on you as an individual, and help you get through any worries or concerns in a way that works best for you.

James offered some packing advice for parents. Counselors understand that each and every camper is a parent’s entire world, which is why they put extra effort into making sure every single camper feels welcomed and safe, and enjoys their summer. Parents are given a packing list before they send their kids off to camp, and James urges parents to follow the list carefully. After countless weeks of watching campers pack and unpack their belongings, he noticed that campers who followed the list felt secure and well equipped for the summer, while those who packed a lot of extra felt overwhelmed and crowded in their bunk space.

When we asked James was his favorite part about camp was, he didn’t say rock climbing or theatre or sailing or the food (although the food does rank high on his list.) His favorite part about camp is the campers! He loves his job because all of the different personalities make each day fun and different, and he never has the same day twice. The cool thing about James, and the other counselors at camp, is that they are 100% focused on the kids. They are there for the sole purpose of making sure kids have a safe and unforgettable summer. “I want campers to know if they are having an issue with someone or something, they can always talk to me. My summer is not about me, it’s about them!” says James.

Parents can rest assured knowing that well trained, friendly, outgoing, caring and professional individuals are in charge of making sure their kids have a summer they’ll never forget. Kids can head to camp with confidence that they are about to experience the summer of a lifetime. Counselors, like James, are there to make sure of it!


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