Stop! Now You Do It…

Being a few months removed from camp I can look back and truly appreciate all we have while we are at our summer home, Camp Starlight. We all remember the big moments and the nights of evening activities, but I think my truly favorite part of camp is the dining hall experience. It’s one we never think of when we are there, but did you know we spend about three FULL days a summer in the dining hall? Crazy!

Our camp literally comes alive at breakfast, whether it’s from a bunk-to-bunk chant or an “attention” to a birthday! We get excited for the day’s activities, recap last night’s evening, and sometimes even have to stack…..5 (clap)!

Dinner is really where we come together as a camp and where the life of Starlight shines out. We sing, dance, and occasionally spill our way through the main course. The camp songs bounce of the walls as we rehash our days and I believe it is in these moments that we store the memories of camp we will never forget.

These are the times we remember, and I hope they are the times to which you look forward. Should you have a free moment, try putting in a little thought to the things you miss from camp that you may not realize while there; I guarantee it will be worth it. Do IT!

–Kyle Hudson

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