Starlighters Shine and Score at Starcamps

July 13th and 14th, Camp Starlight welcomed several professional coaches and renowned artists who gave campers the opportunity to gain experience in a program area of choice. Tennis Star Camp helped campers improve their tennis game with extensive instruction, as well as gain feedback from the formerly internationally ranked Mel Purcell. Starlight baseball/softball players enjoyed an educational and enlightening trip to The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Golf players enjoyed a round of golf at French Woods Country Club. Basketball players dribbled, passed, and shot with renowned Five Star Basketball Camp. Triathlon specialist Stephanie put several of Starlight’s more ambitious athletes to the test of swimming, biking, and running around camp. A new Starcamp featured this summer was Magic, which involved a trip to the Harry Houdini Museum where campers enjoyed a magic show. Regardless of specialty, all campers gained a lot of new knowledge and experience in just two short days, and enjoyed themselves immensely.

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