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My Last Summer as an Upper Senior

Monday, September 18th, 2017

When I ran off the bus on the first day of camp, I immediately started crying because I was so happy to be back at Camp Starlight. As an Upper Senior, this was my last summer at Camp Starlight and when I arrived I knew I was ready to embrace that role at camp.

The last summer is bittersweet in how special it is. This is the summer where I finally got to do everything I ever wanted to do at camp and it was a blast, but this was the last time I would get to spend an entire summer with my best friends playing games, hanging in the Lake House and having all the fun I could want. Sometimes it is overwhelming having this much responsibility at camp and knowing that you’re a huge role model for the younger girls, but once I embraced that responsibility, I became a better leader for my division. There are so many life lessons you learn in your last summer at camp, for instance, I learned how important it is to be calm and collected in stressful situations and that it is better to always have a positive outlook in any situation. Learning this helped me be the best leader and find my voice in the division. All the responsibility of being an Upper Senior is hard work, but at the end of the summer when I realized how many amazing things happened because of my hard work, I realized how in the end it was all really worth it and that my summer wouldn’t had been as fun if I didn’t put in my all. It is incredibly hard to say goodbye to my summer home but I with all the amazing memories and friendships I’ve created over the years, I know Camp Starlight will never really leave me.

– Bailey R., Camper


Polar Bear Challenge Motivates Campers

Monday, September 11th, 2017

Jumping into a teeth chattering cold lake every morning isn’t the most pleasant sounding idea at Camp Starlight, but you would be surprised by how many people willingly do it and there’s actually a great reason why they do.

At Camp Starlight there is a special club you can be a part of if you jump into the lake every single morning of the summer. Jump in, splash around and embrace the cold and you’ll be a member of the prestigious Polar Bear Club. Each morning campers from all the divisions jump into the lake to complete the daily task of being in the Polar Bear Club. No skips are allowed, even if it’s extra chilly in the morning, and if you successfully complete this challenge there is a special party at the end of the summer just for you.

It’s a silly challenge but there are so many benefits to being a part of the Polar Bear Club because of everything it teaches campers. For a camper to participate in this means they start their day completing a challenge a lot of people won’t even attempt to do. When a camper starts every morning overcoming a challenge and feeling accomplished, it sets them up to have a positive day where they can accomplish many more things. This ripple effect will translate into campers realizing how much potential is inside them, motivating them to tackle larger and more difficult challenges. The Polar Bear Challenge also shows campers the importance of determination and to never give up, especially on mornings when it’s a bit nippier than usual.

Their hard work pays off when at the end of the summer they realize they are one of few campers that were actually motivated enough to become a member of the Polar Bear Club, the rewarding feeling is something that makes all those cold mornings well worth it.

My First Summer at Camp

Monday, September 4th, 2017

I was very excited and nervous for my first day of summer camp at Camp Starlight. I did not now what to expect when coming to camp and was nervous about what would happen. When I came to camp and came off the bus I exploded with happiness, camp seemed so cool and fun.

Campus is so pretty with the giant lake and there are so many great snacks to eat. I quickly made a lot of friends and had so much fun with the dance specialists. The dance staff is so nice and fun to dance with, dance is my favorite activity at camp. When I grow up I want to be a counselor and a dance specialist at Camp Starlight.

I made so many memories at my first summer but my favorite memory of the summer was making it to the finals for MTV night, my counselors really pushed me to work hard and it payed off.

I also learned a lot of fun things, like how to waterski for the first time. Every day is fun and full of adventure. I love all my new friends at camp and even though I was nervous at first, Camp Starlight easily became my summer home. I love how much fun I get to have every day at Camp Starlight and can’t wait for next summer already.

– Molly M., Camper

Bunk Plaques Add to Growing Starlight History

Monday, August 28th, 2017

The history of Camp Starlight is as deep and diverse as an ocean, full of life and a variety of characters, this summer camp contains an endless amount of history. There are so many stories that can be told within the gates of Starlight.

One way to leave your bit of history and to make your camp story last a lifetime is through the tradition of decorating a bunk plaque at the end of the summer. With the help of everyone inside your bunk, a plaque is given to every bunk on boys and girls side to decorate however they like to tell a story about their summer. Inside jokes and funny incidents are often inscribed on these wooden plaques, the paint depicts all the fun these campers have experienced this summer. No matter what is painted or dusted with glitter, the plaque symbolizes all the fun Camp Starlight was able to provide for these campers.

The plaque allows for a bunk to bond over all the good and sometimes the rough times of the summer, reminiscing over everything they have gone through together and will remember for the rest of their lives. This tradition is so special in the way it brings all the campers and counselors together, reminding everybody of how they were able to overcome challenges and accomplish goals as a bunk, the summer wouldn’t have been the same without everyone in the bunk taking part in helping each other.

These plaques are forever hung in the Dining Hall of camp, the one place everyone is gathered for important times of the day. When you look up at your plaque from this summer or summers ago, you are able to remember all the amazing memories you have made at Camp Starlight and the unique experiences you wouldn’t be able to participate in anywhere else. With your plaque, your history is forever a part of Camp Starlight’s.

Camp Starlight Olympics: Blue Girls Day 1

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

With a sea of blue dominating campus, the Happy Blue Day girl’s team made a great breakthrough for the start of Olympics. With cheers to the left and chants to the right, Happy Blue Day was full of spirit and ready to come out on top for this year’s Olympics. Each division from happy Blue Day competed against the Grand Stand Whites to rack up as many points possible. Starting the opening day with a great blue bang, the Lower Camp girls competed in a boating meet in the morning, slicing through the lake water with all the blue spirit to win. On the other side of camp, the Seniors were taking total control of the field by playing a great game of flag football and blowing out the competition for the soccer shootout. The Upper Debs put their blue hearts out onto the field during an exciting game of soccer and fought against the white team with passion on the tennis courts, serving up some serious trouble. Thrashing around in the sand, the Lower Debs smacked down in beach volleyball, bringing a fierceness so blue that the girls couldn’t be stopped. Their spirit shined brighter than any amount of glitter splattered on their faces when they battered up for softball. Taking it to the streets, the Inter girls showed off their skills for street games and practically knocked out the whites in a great blue game of knockout. Each girl played with pride for Happy Blue Day, celebrating all their accomplishments for the first day of Olympics with cheers and chants that bonded the blood of the blue team even deeper. It’s a great start for the girls in the Olympics, and the thunder of Happy Blue Day has only begun.

Counselors Help Campers Overcome Challenges

Monday, August 7th, 2017

Counselors help campers overcome many challenges they face in sports and activities when they are at camp, it’s their goal to help campers achieve their own goals. Counselors encourage campers to keep practicing their overhand serve in beach volleyball, to continue going over their scales in piano and trying their best to get the right angle for a picture in Digital Photography. Even though counselors give a helping hand in activities that are a part of summer camp, they also help campers strive to overcome very unique challenges. A Lower Senior boy names Jason came to camp with the goal of solving a Rubik’s cube in under sixty seconds. Before camp, he had only been able to solve it in a minute and a half, but when he met his counselors, he received the moral support to overcome his challenge. Shaving forty five seconds from his fastest solving time, Jason had been motivated by his counselors to practice every day, having them time him and mix up the puzzle for him to solve. Even though the Rubik’s cube is a small puzzle, Jason’s counselors transformed the puzzle into an impressive feat for Jason to master, pushing him to not only overcome his original goal of solving under a minute, but to go further and solve it under forty five seconds. The counselors could have congratulated Jason as soon as he reached his goal but they decided to take it a step further because they saw his potential and wanted him to realize his own potential as well. The counselors motivating their camper to be their best in something unrelated to a sport’s team or an activity they are apart of for summer camp shows how they help campers succeed outside of summer camp too. This small act of encouragement portrays how at Camp Starlight all campers are pushed to see their true potential in whatever they are passionate in.

Ceramics and Woodworking Brings Camp to Home

Saturday, August 5th, 2017

When campers come to Camp Starlight they always brings pieces of home with them, packing pictures, stuffed animals, blankets and all sorts of objects that remind them of home and make them feel safe. Campers bring pieces of home to camp because of how much they love home and want to remember it, so when campers return home, they also want to bring pieces back that will remind them of the summer. Camp Starlight is a special place to stay for an entire summer but two months at summer camp is a shorter amount of time than ten months spent at home. To hold on to those summer memories, campers bring back handmade crafts from ceramics and woodworking to their home so they can always have a part of Starlight with them. At ceramics and woodworking, campers get to build all sorts of crafts of all different sizes that symbolize their time spent at summer camp. At woodworking, campers can create welcome home signs, key holders and even mailboxes to install in their homes and when campers make these items from scratch, it makes them even more special. The hard work put into sawing and nailing the bits of wood together makes the craft much more meaningful for the camper and the new home it will stay in. At ceramics, campers will mold bowls, cups and all sorts of sculptures for their homes, glazing with detail and precision to make the item that much more beautiful. For campers to make their own art with their own hands is remarkable, not to mention that it is art that functions in their home. All these crafts the campers create for their homes is a special way for campers to keep the spirit of Camp Starlight at home with their families, crafts that will last long after a camper’s last summer.

Carnival Is a Time to Celebrate Fun

Saturday, August 5th, 2017

Every day at Camp Starlight is full of magic, but when the Carnival comes to camp, the magic and fun reaches a whole new level. Bouncy castles and blown up obstacle courses are scattered around the grounds while sticks of fluffy cotton candy and bags of fresh popcorn are spotted in the hand of every camper. Giant slides tower over everyone and water splashes those who pass by the dunk tank–fun is seen around every corner and you can tell that every camper is enjoying the playful atmosphere not just because a tiger or butterfly is painted on their face, but because they have a huge smile. The atmosphere of the day is electric with happiness and laughter because Carnival is a day that entirely caters to the playful personalities of campers, encouraging campers to run around, play on the blow up obstacle courses and games, eat cotton candy and laugh with their friends when they get dropped into the dunk tank. It is truly a day where campers let loose and enjoy an entire Carnival with their camp friends, an opportunity that does not come very often in life. Camp Starlight provides the Carnival to campers as a chance to let campers have as much fun as they want, but to also remind them there is so much for them to celebrate towards the end of the summer. Carnival is a celebration of fun and playfulness, but most importantly it’s a celebration of the good times at Camp Starlight. The fun and games of the day reminds campers to celebrate all the friendships they’ve made and to celebrate the all the fun they’ve experienced at Camp Starlight. Even though Carnival is at the end of the summer to show campers there is still so much fun to experience at camp and this is the time to celebrate all the fun they’ve enjoyed so far, and all the fun they will enjoy in this summer and in more summers to come.

All Teams Win With Starlight Leagues

Friday, August 4th, 2017

After battling other teams all summer long for the title of Starlight League Champion, the winners of Starlight Leagues have come out on top. The Starlight Leagues divided all the divisions into four different teams that went head to head at all sorts of sports on campus. Taking it from the sand of the volleyball courts or the pitch of the softball and baseball mounds, the teams had to work together all summer long to win the game and then ultimately a Ben & Jerry’s catered ice cream party. Every single camper contributed to their team’s wins, meaning they had to practice respectful sportsmanship, encourage their teammates–especially during the tough times–and work together as one team and not rely on one individual to succeed. The Starlight Leagues competition also helps campers meet new friends at camp from outside their own bunk, creating more unified divisions across campus. The bonds these campers make when fighting for the win on the basketball court or kicking a soccer ball for the goal with all their strength is what really unifies and strengthens the connections between campers. Even though only one team from each division won the chance to enjoy an ice cream party, every camper got to experience the joy of cheering on their teammates and in turn forming new found friendships. The point of Starlight Leagues was not to stress the focus on winning or losing in sports, but to show how important it is to truly work as a team and see what you can achieve when that does happen. There is no denying that Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is sweet, but nothing is sweeter than forming new friendships from team work, regardless if the points added up to 100 or 0.

Lower Senior Girls Basketball Headed to Championship

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

For the first time in the team’s history, the ninth grade girls are going to the championship. Starlight clawed its way out of a 12 point deficit to win against Levi 37-49. Starlight started out slow with only 6 baskets in the first quarter and only 14 points in the first half. Sabrina W. scored 6 of the first 14 points. Ellie K. and Dani S. dominated defensively with 4 steals combined. Tessa G. and Kaylee W. were the positive source, bringing nothing but smiles and hustle. Daryn C. and Brooke E. came in the second half ready to go, forcing 6 turnovers. Ryan G. was a post threat, shutting down Lavi’s post player and pulling down 6 rebounds. Chloe W. and Nikki L. helped spark the team with their loud cheers and quick defense. Amanda S. came out in the second half pulling down 6 rebounds, 4 assists and scoring 6 points. Alex S. lead the team offensively with 18 points. Sam E. took on the leadership role and brought the team together to pull out the win, scoring another 15 points in the last quarter. Ellie K. scored the last basket to seal the win. The girls will be playing Westmont for the championship and are eager to bring home the trophy for the first time.