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How Goals are Achieved at Camp Starlight

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

With the endless amount of opportunities provided to campers at Camp Starlight, campers are not only constantly encouraged to set goals for themselves, but they are encouraged to achieve those same goals as well. Whether a camper decides to set a long or short term goal, Camp Starlight guides the campers to achieve them in a way that makes the journey to success that much more exciting and fun. Learning how to play piano, do a magic trick, sink a three pointer on the basketball court or standing up on water skis, the goals campers set for themselves are varied but always achievable with the support of staff and friends at Camp Starlight. Everyone is excited to help each other and push campers outside of their comfort zone to reach their goals because this is a place where everyone believes in the potential of others. Here to celebrate both the wins and losses, achievements and failures, Camp Starlight always keeps the ball rolling for campers to pursue their goal no matter how many times they fall on their journey. No one will judge a camper’s goal either because no goal is too big or too small, even if the goal is as simple as a making one new friend. Camp Starlight recognizes the amount of effort someone needs to put in to achieve a goal, understanding that it is not just the work of the camper to achieve goal, but the combined support of coaches, counselors and staff. The unconditional support of everyone at Camp Starlight is how goals are always achieved every summer.

Helping Campers Reach New Heights

Friday, July 14th, 2017

Written by Emily M

Down at Outdoor Adventure, survival skills and the rush of adrenaline fill my day. With the ropes courses, zip line, rockwall and woods, everyday I help campers achieve new goals and help them face their fears which is why I believe I have the best job on campus. Every day I interact with campers who have never tried climbing a rock wall or building a fire and it is my job to teach them these survival skills and coach them through difficult tasks. I especially love teaching kids how to build fire because I get to see them create something out of nothing, sharing my knowledge with the campers and seeing the end result is a magical moment for me. A very unique thing about Outdoor Adventure is that all the goals we hope campers achieve are personal ones, something only they can accomplish on their own and for themselves. When campers complete a task, big or small, they exclaim “Look at this! Look I did it!” and it is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. Even though I am covered in dirt from the very start and end of my day, helping these campers achieve goals of reaching new heights or mastering a survival skill makes all the dirty work more than worth it. I feel very proud to watch my returning campers advance in skill levels or even when I notice the change in one day from a new camper. I absolutely love how these campers always want to learn more and put in the effort to achieve goals, and the satisfaction I feel when I know I’ve helped these campers grow in more ways than just one is why I know I have the best job at Camp Starlight.

No Instagram Filter Needed

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

One of the most special aspects of Camp Starlight is the fact that you will never hear the buzz of a phone, the ding of a notification or the click of a selfie. A major element of Camp Starlight’s philosophy is the belief that summer is the time to disconnect from the phone and social media to instead live in the moment under the sun with your friends. No Snapchat or Instagram post will ever capture the true beauty of a summer at Camp Starlight, so why waste the time trying with a cell phone? Without the burden of constantly checking for updates, everyone at Camp Starlight is able live in the moment, a time in one’s life that does not occur so often when there is a phone weighing heavy in hand. All of your worries regarding how many likes you get on a post or what happens in the next Netflix episode are melted away once you dip your toes into Starlight Lake. The summer is a time meant for experiencing life and celebrating the beauty of constantly trying new things with new friends–summer camp provides everyone with the opportunity to cleanse themselves and become truly aware of their surroundings. Instead of worrying about the past or the future as posted about on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, time at Camp Starlight is spent breathing in the moment. You don’t have to portray yourself through social media when you’re at Camp Starlight, all you have to do is be yourself, no filter necessary. On the first day when the campers hop off the bus into the grass, they feel the atmosphere of a real summer experience and are allowed to truly be kids again.

Dance Parties Bring the Magic to Camp Starlight

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Gold streamers are littered all over the Rec Hall while music is being blasted through the giant speakers. Gold balloon arches are set along with a rainbow of lights swirling through the crowd: this is a Camp Starlight dance party. The magic is in the air for this 24K Magic themed dance party to kicks start the summer. Campers are clad with gold beaded necklaces and glitter is speckled on their cheeks to compliment their bright smiles as they dance the night away. Everyone is jumping up and down to the beat of the music and experiencing the celebration of this dance party because after a week of activities these campers are ready to have even more fun. These themed dance parties allow campers to get together in a large space and bond as a camp, the theme inspires all the campers to dress up and be silly. Dance parties are held to bring the camp together so that a cohesive blend of friendship can blossom, the campers can celebrate together the completion of the first week of summer camp. For first time campers this can be a big deal and so these celebratory dance parties really show how Camp Starlight appreciates their dedication to camp. This first dance party sets the tone for the rest of the summer and reminds campers to hold on to the magic they felt dancing all night together as a camp and as a new family.

The Top 10 Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July at Camp Starlight

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Before you know it, campers and counselors are settled into the routines of camp life and then the 4th of July sneaks around the corner. One of the most fun holidays of the year, the 4th of July is celebrated in many specials ways at Camp Starlight and here are the top 10 ways to celebrate the 4th of July here at camp!


  1. Backyard Games: What is more American than healthy competition under the sun? Campers play beach volleyball, badminton and all the classic games played in the backyard during a 4th of July barbeque.


  1. American Flag Lunch: During lunch time, all the burgers, sliders and hotdogs are topped with American flags to add some patriotic fun to the day. Nothing tastes better than freedom.


  1. Flag Raising: At morning announcements, the American flag is raised up the flagpole with the national anthem being sung. The lyrics ring throughout camp and raises the American spirit inside everyone.


  1. Bomb Pops: The red, white and blue popsicles serve double purpose to campers, the popsicles are a cooling treat at the end of the day and allows campers to celebrate patriotism in a sweet way.


  1. Friends: What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than with all your best friends at camp? The friendships formed at Camp Starlight are so special and this holiday only strengthens those connections between campers.


  1. Starlight Wrestling Foundation (S.W.F.): Bringing together the entirety of campus, S.W.F. is a highly anticipated wrestling match to watch by all the campers. Counselors wrestle in Jell-O-like gooey substances to bring camp together and celebrate the freedom to wrestle in such conditions.


  1. Belly Flop Competition: Counselors from each division compete to perfect the art of belly flopping into water. The smacking sound of the water rings louder than the freedom of this country.


  1. Watermelon Mania: This iconic food staple in an American barbeque is added to the celebration to bring some comical fun. Watermelon themed activities and challenges invite all of camp to be silly and enjoy this fruit flavored day.


  1. Dress Up: The entire camp is saturated in colors of red, white and blue to celebrate this holiday. Every single camper and staff member is clad with gaudy decorations, costumes, glitter, bandanas and American flags to show their patriotic spirit.


  1. Fireworks: The best way to celebrate the 4th of July is of course with firework that you can almost touch in the sky as they light up the lake.



Lower Senior Girls Basketball

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

The Lower Senior girls opened up their Wayne County season with a dominating 48-24 win over Chenawanda. Alex S. and Sam E. combined for 39 points. Alex S. had 21 points while point guard Sam E. added 18. Amanda S. had an impressive defensive game leading the team with 8 steals and added 4 points. Sabrina W. added 4 points and 5 assists to the team’s first win. Ryan G. had a block party with 5 blocks and added 1 foul shot to the team’s total. Dani S. and Ellie K. dominated defensively causing 13 turnovers. Nikki L. and Daryn C. combined for 6 assists as guards while Kaylee W. got 2 steals and Tessa G. got 2 rebounds and 1 assist. The entire team put in effort to get the win and is hungry for more victories.

Junior Boys Basketball

Monday, July 10th, 2017

Starlight Junior boys basketball team started the season well with a big 34-0 win over an undermanned Perlman. Passing proved to be the difference in a strong win with assists coming in bunches. Leading scorers for Starlight Carter B. and Harrison R. both put in 6 points. Closely following were Lucas L., Justin J. and Eric R. with 4 points. Other scorers included Reid S., Calem W., Benjamin W., Jackson H. and Rhys B. each with 2 points. Also strong contributions were made by Marc F., Same R., Max S., Max Sh. and Jesse J. all over the court.

Camp Siblings at Camp Starlight

Monday, July 10th, 2017

As the sun sets behind the trees and a lavender sky, new camp families are joined together in the grassy fields. Stretched out into a giant circle, girls from Lower Camp are spotted in between their new camp sister on the softball fields and brothers on the tennis courts. Boys and girls from Upper Camp mentor the younger campers, providing a sense of support and care just like older siblings do at home. For many campers, this is their first time fulfilling the role of big brother or sister while for others this is the first time they will experience the relationship of having an older sibling that will specifically advise their growth at camp. The older/younger sibling dynamic at camp gives the opportunity for younger campers to also look up to a big brother or sister when they look up into the stars- more often than not these views tend to be one in the same in the eyes of the little sibling.

“When I was younger and I was the little sister I looked up to my big sisters. Now that I have the chance to be a big sister I want my little sister to look up to me like I did years ago,” said Dani, Upper Senior girl.

Camp Starlight creates the perfect summer day for campers every day of the year, but when a camper does find him or herself craving a touch of a home, their camp sibling is there to pick them back up again into another day of fun and make them feel just as welcome as opening day. With a camp sibling, Camp Starlight can always feel like home away from home.


Friday Night Show at Camp Starlight

Friday, July 7th, 2017

Once the sun lowers from the peak point in the sky on a Friday afternoon the entire campus begins to buzz about the Friday Night Show at Camp Starlight. Wondering what skit will be performed and who will make guest appearances, camp eagerly awaits the spotlight that will illuminate the stage. The Friday Night Show is a newer tradition at Camp Starlight where staff members Jason and Hayley host a sketch comedy show for all of camp to enjoy and laugh.

All of camp is in an electric mood when the hosts make an appearance on stage; everyone in the audience straightens up in their seats anticipating to laugh so hard their stomachs will ache with joy. For almost the entire show the audience is laughing, giggling and chuckling at all the silly shenanigans that take place and applaud when exciting surprises appear when least expected. During the Friday Night Show, campers are encouraged to be goofy because this is a special time that embraces jokes and witty gags played on audience members. Feeling like a fool while watching the show is part of the fun and is what makes the experience so entertaining.

Dedicating Friday nights to laughter creates a bubbling anticipation for these Friday Night Shows among campers and encourages them to utilize skills in sketch comedy, theatre and stage productions. More often than not, when campers are exposed to these special forms of entertainment a new passion will blossom before them. Nurturing these passions is what allows for these Friday Night Shows to get better each year with the help of campers. When these campers share laughter together, they transform these Friday night moments into memories.


Junior Girls Basketball

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

Starlight’s Junior girls basketball had a dominating victory against Westmont with a score of 18-4. Mikayla T. started us off strong by winning the tip off. After the jump ball, Starlight had a slow start until Dylan S. quickly broke the streak by scoring 12 points. Mikayla T. contributed with 2 points on offense and then 4 steals and 6 rebounds on defense. Miley Y. and Lilly A. scored 2 points each adding to the total. Starlight would not have been able to limit off Westmont’s defense without Claudia C., Avery G. and Lilly P. Leading the team assists were Ella G. and Hannah G. The entire team really pushed through for the first game of the summer to get an easy win.